Our vision


Animal welfare is key for successful dairy farming.

Our vision is to shape a future where major animal diseases will be predicted and prevented. Our novel decentralised database will be in direct contact with dairy farms across the world. Our diversified data provide high prediction accuracy, leading to successful classification and prediction of animal diseases. Disease prevention leads to higher productive efficiency and more sustainable production.

Our team

Konstantinos Themistokleous

Head of operations

Konstantinos is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, PhD candidate in the field of dairy animals' Udder Health and Reproduction. He is experienced in R&D projects regarding the production of innovative high quality dairy products, development of innovative technologies for efficient monitoring of animal health & welfare, implementation of precision dairy farming strategies & sustainable models in dairy production.

Nikos Sakellariou

head of engineering

Nikos Sakellariou holds a BSc in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Since 2014, he is working in IT and his fields of experience include databases architecture design, big data manipulation, IoT and artificial intelligence in diverse sectors.

Evangelos Kiossis

Scientific Advisor

Evangelos Kiossis, DVM, PhD is a professor of Veterinary Medicine in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He holds the title of Fachtierarzt for Reproduction Medicine and he is a Diplomate of ECSRHM. He is highly experienced in the field of farm animals' healthcare, the implementation of stategies for major diseases' prevention, in farm animal's research, as well as the development of innovative products and services in the field of dairy farming. He is head of "MASTIN" project, funded by the EU and Greek national funds, regarding the development of a novel, non-antibiotic, organic intramammary product for the protection of dairy animals' udder health.